In addition to enjoying MooShine the traditional way with Chips and Veggies, try our:

Mooshine Creations

At MooShine we are always hard at work maintaining the highest quality products so our customers have the very best experiences possible.

To enhance that goal we never stop experimenting and exploring all the ways to cook with MooShine Beer Cheese.

Including it in staple dishes like grilled cheese, hamburgers, and hot dogs is the first step!
​If you want to step out even further we invite you to explore our beer cheese with some refreshing beverages. Like beer! It also goes great with wine and soda.

Be sure to look for us on the shelf in the deli section.

  • Melted Moo Dip
  • Hot Ham and Moo
  • Moo and Mac
  • Grilled Moo Sandwich
  • MooShine Potato Soup
  • Stuffed Moo Mini Burgers
  • Chili and Moo Dog
  • Steak & Moo Sandwich
  • Steak and Moo
  • Nacho’s
  • Scrambled MooShine Cheese Eggs
  • Ham & Moo Omelet